Holiday Challenge

Holidays - that time when you breathe a sigh of relief because you don't have to go to work, pack lunches, wake up crazy early...but then you think 'hold on, I have children, WHAT holiday?' Whether you have gone away with your kidlets or stayed home, sometimes you actually feel like you need a holiday from your holiday. Am I right? 
Ok, so we wont be coming over to look after them or anything #ThatWouldBeCoolThoughHey But we do have a fun little challenge lined up that should keep them on their toes and pre-occupied! Well, for a portion of the day anyway.
Click on the button below to see your daily challenges! Start whenever you like and pull it out for some rainy days in the future. We ALWAYS love to see this stuff in action so tag us @sproutingmindseducation and show us how you went.

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