About Us


Sprouting Minds Education is a gentle, school-readiness program run by qualified teachers, where children aged 3-5 can learn and grow through purposeful play. Our classes have a teacher to child ratio of 1:6 with a maximum of 12 children. This program offers parents an opportunity to enjoy some free time in the knowledge that their children are in the best possible hands.

We offer both two and three hour classes at Mermaid Beach and Upper Coomera. The two hour lesson includes both whole group and small group activities with modelled teaching and hands-on learning experiences to allow a gentle introduction to classroom dynamics. These experiences encourage the development of pre literacy and numeracy skills, communication and cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, fine motor development, confidence building and resilience. Our three hour class includes our pre writing program, teaching writing conventions such as moving from left to right, top to bottom, shapes that form letters, stroke order and gentle pencil grip technique in a fun and age-appropriate context. We also include some more formal numeracy work, identifying numbers and using mini whiteboards to begin practising writing numbers. We are doing some simple counting and comparing of groups, and work with 2D shapes and their characteristics.

Children are immersed in literacy and language through nursery rhymes and narrative. Weekly engagement in classic children’s literature encourages a love of books, while introducing early reading and writing concepts. Real world mathematical understanding of counting, patterning, shapes, measurement and quantity create the basis of exciting and engaging learning experiences. Our frequently changing role play set ups are perfect for exciting and authentic play-based learning.

Throughout all of our lessons we gently encourage children to be confident and resilient, and to share their ideas, materials and toys. Children are also encouraged to resolve conflict and engage problem-solving skills with the nurturing support of our teachers. Discussions between the children and teachers build on language skills as well as the development of listening, memory, sequencing and retelling. We aim to improve fine motor skills through the manipulation of objects, which strengthen the small muscles in the hands and fingers. Children’s self-regulation skills are developed as we focus on the ability to sit still for short periods of time, show understanding of spatial awareness and exhibit safe physical contact with others as well as the ability to work in harmony with their peers.